2013 Kia Soul


We are all aware Kia’s TV commercials-hamsters dancing and driving Souls while popular songs like Party Rock Anthem, In My Mind and Choice is Yours are playing within the background. But how many of you possess actually driven or contemplated getting a Soul? We wanted to see what all the buzz was about so that we took a ’13 model around for a week.

First, get it from your head that one could make the car any faster than it is. It’s an econobox that comes with a 138hp 1.6-liter or 164hp 2.-liter. Both engines aren’t gonna win you any pink slips therefore we suggest working with the slower model and saving the amount of money. The car is honestly created with the budget-conscious owner in mind. It’s not quiet and the ride isn’t smooth, but if you’re driving from point A-to-B, you’ll net about 25/30mpg and have ample room for your legs and groceries. If you’d be itching to modify the Soul, probably the most we’d do is lower it with a set of wheels. There are some factory options like folding mirrors and LED running lights, but this car is really all about conserving money and getting places reliably having its sub-$15k base price and a five-year warranty.